Cereal Killers Movie

Cereal Killers Movie
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Chewing the fat with Prof Tim Noakes MD

Chewing the fat with Prof Tim Noakes MD

100,000 calories, 100 eggs, 70% fat in 28 days. Cereal Killers is the story of one man’s attempt to hack his genes – avoid heart disease and diabetes – and drop dead healthy!

I am that man and this is how I got here.

Not all movies start in Hollywood you know. I am a long way from Hollywood. A very long way in fact.

It is a cold, wet January day in 2010 and I’m standing in a hotel room in central London because there’s no room to sit. The room is belting hot and noisy courtesy of a dyslexic radiator that thinks it’s a radio.

The hotel website makes rooms look bigger, airier and brand spanking newer than they actually are.

I’m tired from travelling and this room is tired of travelers. I am another notch on a weary bedpost. A statistic.

At 8 a.m the next morning the chorus of convection will be joined by pneumatic drilling from a building site below my window. No mention of that on the hotel website.

There will be no sleep tonight anyway.

But I don’t know that yet.

I do not know who Gary Taubes is either. I haven’t read “Why we get fat and what to do about it” and the China Study could be about teacups for all I care. I have yet to watch an intriguing documentary called Forks over Knives and I oh so firmly believe the path to good health is 80% exercise and 20% something else including diet.

But that will all change.

Fat folks have a monopoly on heart disease and diabetes. Professor Tim Noakes is not known to me and Dr John Briffa rings a bell because his is a Maltese surname. It transpires that he lives in London and I have never met him on the wonderful little Mediterranean island that boasts the fattest men in Europe.

I will change my mind on that monopoly and meet them both.

The surprises don’t stop there. Turns out my great mate – global advertising guru Sean Boyle – is made for the screen and one call to Tom Kelly MBE takes me right to the door of a vegan teetotaler who rocks the PR world in London. He’s passionate about food and where it comes from. Paul Blanchford take a bow. I’m sorry about your dog.

Veganism, vegetarianism, primal and paleo are foreign terms to me. LCHF is an abbreviation for something but what? Wasn’t Ancel Keys a member of Guns n Roses? Fat clogs your arteries, eggs are dodgy and a standard cholesterol test would point me firmly towards a statin I will not take for reasons I have yet to find out.

The little red light on my blackberry flashes. I’ve missed a call while I was in the pool knocking out some laps. I’m not good with rooms but an expert at determining pool sizes from photos. Those 25 meters are the only reason I am here.

In my last moment of ignorant bliss I don’t know the DNA profiling I will undertake to see how I might die even exists. I know nothing of an organisation called the British Egg Council lead by a very nice gentleman called Andrew Joret or how they bring a knife to a gun fight because it’s all they can afford.

And then there’s Novo Nordisk who make insulin for diabetics – their shares have outperformed Apple computers since 2009. To this same knife fight they bring a machine gun, a tank or a nuclear warhead.

A vegan film director called Yola who teaches tantric yoga and an award winning cameraman called Raj are not in my life.

This will all change.

The missed called is from my older brother who never leaves a message but there is a message.

“Give me a call soon as you get this bro. Don’t panic.”

Yeah, right.

He answered immediately.


Listen. Daddy has had a heart attack. But he’s OK.

And so it began.

My name is Donal. I am a fit healthy 38 year old and I will spend the next 3 years trying to understand how a trim ex sportsman whose only vice was one cigar a month and pruning bushes, could have a heart attack. How his younger brother, a sporting icon, can develop type 2 diabetes.

I will learn that we have been mislead and it will infuriate me. That everything I thought I knew about nutrition was pretty much wrong will fascinate me. It will motivate me to try to share with you what I learn in a format that makes sense.

So I started to scratch at the surface. Then I started to dig a bit. And then I got hooked. The American Journal of Nutrition became my bedtime story book and I started spending hours in the Pub. Pubmed that is.

Somewhere along the way I decided that health is a bit like politics. You choose a party or a diet and you stick with them because they “work for you.” You defend that position vigorously. Just like I did.

Just like you probably do.

Heart attacks and diabetes aren’t anything you need to worry about just yet. Right?


Maybe not.

Cereal Killers is my 3 year odyssey into “Maybe Not.”

I rolled up everything I knew about nutrition, diet, exercise and metabolic health and threw it out the window. I set out to hack my genes and find a new way.

That story is Cereal Killers.

You can watch it right here.