About Me

About Me
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Welcome to the page where I should be giving you a complete rundown on a childhood filled with sport, home made bread and cornflakes. That would be very nice wouldn’t it?

Sure it would.

But that’s not why you’re here.

What you really want to know is if the guy who jumped in a coffin filled with cornflakes to promote a movie called Cereal Killers about eating lots of fat to avoid heart disease is, you know, fat.


Fair enough.

I’m actually a lean ex athlete with no family history of overweight/obesity but a whole lotta heart disease and diabetes staring at me. Once upon time I believed that fat was bad but I now rank that right up there with my belief in Santa Claus.

Cereal Killers is my first journey into film (I’m still not sure if it’s opened Pandora’s Box!) and this website will support the film and  my thoughts beyond.

I hope you enjoy and engage – even if you find yourself enraged :)