Have you tried F.A.T (Fat Adapted Travel)?

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One of the underlying benefits of becoming fat adapted is the ability to quite comfortably thrive without food for 10, 12 or even 16 hours. While filming Cereal Killers 2 during the summer I unexpectedly reaped the benefits of this thanks to “the fastest way to Heathrow” (i.e The Heathrow Express).

After 60 days of planes, trains and automobiles and laden down with budget film makers’ baggage (think schoolboy with too many satchels), the prospect of rush hour Tube traffic and soaring temperatures in central London was pretty grim. 60 minutes on a tube or 15 on the The Heathrow Express? I decided my hard drives and I would play it safe and travel at speed, in comfort.

Having skipped breakfast earlier in the day (no grand plan, I just do so now and then when I don’t feel hungry) and enjoyed a hearty lunch of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomato, my plan was simple. 2 hours in the airport would leave ample room for dinner and stocking up for the connecting long haul flight the following day.

Unfortunately, the Heathrow Express had other ideas -

18.10 Ahhhh yes. We cruise out of London Paddington. ETA 18:25. Flight departure time 20:20 and I am checked in. It’s all good.

18:15 I am curious how the “fastest way to Heathrow” could be so bold as to come to a complete halt…..

18:25 Shouldn’t we be in Heathrow?

18:30 The politely timid apologies (and excuses) dry up and we retreat to London quicker than the English football team.

18:40 Change to a shiny new train (also promising to be the fastest way to Heathrow)

18:50 This is clearly not the fastest way to Heathrow either.

19:00 For the first time in the 15 year history of the Heathrow Express there are no staff or ticket collectors to be seen. Anywhere. We creep to a halt, again.

19:10 Encore un fois?  The French do slower food and faster trains than the Brits. They also beat them in football, eat more fat and have less heart attacks.

19:20 I am watching London go nowhere through my window, wishing I was on a TGV with wild boar saucisonne – the fatty acid real food marvel I had in my pocket (but not for long) 10 days earlier.

19:50 My flight is boarding but I am still on the fastest way to Heathrow.

20:10 Purchase new flight departing NOW (then nearly miss it too).

07:30 (NEXT DAY) I see food again – a full 18 hours after yesterday’s lunch. That’s no crisis. In fact, fasting has some incredible benefits for the body so it’s reassuring to know that eating like a Cereal Killer can make it much easier to try.

Top tip – F.A.T is also pretty useful for long haul travel – that plane food ain’t much fun!

And of course…LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I personally don’t schedule fasts. They just happen now and then when my body feels like a break and the fat burning engine is roaring.

Don’t Fear Fat!

Cereal Killers 2 – “RUN ON FAT” is fat burning it’s way through a 30 day kickstarter campaign right now. Are you running with us yet?




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