"The Movie with 100,000 calories, 100 eggs, 70% fat, 28 days "

.....and the truth about fat

Flower Powered FLORA not very Haight Ashbury

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Why you really can afford Grass Fed Meat

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While the benefits of Grass Fed Meat are a given, the affordability factor is often used as an excuse for NOT consuming it. Now this is a Great 8 Fatty Food so I figured it was important to counter these claims in a measured manner. The measure I’m referring to is of course financial – because that seems to be the crux of the matter!

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Is Bill Clinton REALLY a vegan?

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Show me the money Sugarpova!

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In 1996 I joined an outstanding company called IMG. The next 3 years were supersonic – the sports marketing behemoth founded by Mark H McCormack would teach me pretty much everything I have ever needed to know about business. McCormack’s ethos was simple

Money matters. People matter. The rest is easy.

Notwithstanding a worldwide circular urging staff to re-use paper clips, in my time at IMG everyone knew that the way to get ahead was to make a shitload of money or lose a shitload of money. McCormack encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit amongst us with the caveat to be mindful of needless expense.

This was the Silicone Valley of sport.

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Seth Godin’s 7 Steps to Weight Loss?

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The war on processed food will not be won with medical facts or an abundance of real food. Sure, they are pieces of the puzzle, but big lies backed by big $ DOLLARS create perceptions that over time manifest as reality – however distorted.

Coke wins because they create the playing field before inviting debate – their turf, their terms.

Now I am a big fan of Seth Godin (marketing genius!).

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Is David McWilliams actually a nutrition expert?

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David McWilliams is Ireland’s most famous and accessible economist. I, on the other hand, recall a certain Economics professor declaring my first written attempt at the subject as “truly awful.” It didn’t get much better for me, but I do recall talk about macro  (the big stuff) and micro (the small, devil in the detail stuff) economics. Nutrients anyone?

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  • Does FAT make you FAT?
  • Is sugar TOXIC?
  • Should BREAD be BANNED?
  • What the hell has Cholesterol PARTICLE SIZE got to do with HEART DISEASE?

Cereal Killers is the feature length documentary film with all the answers.

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The Vikings of Nutrition?

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VikingPicIn 2012 Malta officially had the fattest, laziest men in Europe. At the other end of the spectrum we had Norway where the descendants of Vikings stroll around in jeans still kinda looking like Vikings i.e not fat and lazy.

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Is that a Coke with a smile?

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The recent announcement that Coca Cola is spearheading an anti obesity campaign in Canada seems to have raised both eyebrows and blood pressure all at once.

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The Race of Your Life

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Perception is a double edged sword. It can work for you. Or it can work against you. I knew full well that my plan to pitch Cereal Killers as an entertaining but very serious look at heart disease and diabetes could suffer from the perception that I was lean and healthy because I exercised extensively.  I don’t – but I do exercise smartly for very short periods of time.

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