Seth Godin’s 7 Steps to Weight Loss?

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The war on processed food will not be won with medical facts or an abundance of real food. Sure, they are pieces of the puzzle, but big lies backed by big $ DOLLARS create perceptions that over time manifest as reality – however distorted.

Coke wins because they create the playing field before inviting debate – their turf, their terms.

Now I am a big fan of Seth Godin (marketing genius!). Seth sees the business of selling, marketing and manipulating opinion in a pretty unique way. He sees things differently (like purple cows) then explains them in very simple terms that apply to the world today – and tomorrow. Yesterday neither matters nor features very much in his writings.

It is all about “what’s next?”

Just think about how many health articles, recommendations and interpretations are immersed in or based on historical references.

Where are all the forward thinkers?!

Guys like Seth could add real weight to this food fight but we can’t afford him so I wondered out loud how (assuming he was appropriately informed) he might advise on the issue of weight loss for example. I know he wouldn’t mention weight – that would be too obvious. Ditto calories. Or weighing scales. No, Seth would look for something entirely unrelated and make it make sense – like making money. Or sex. And then he would look for that “purple cow” = a real standout term or visual.

Ironically enough, to win the war against processed food, heart disease, diabetes and obesity we probably need to think more like Seth and less about health.

We need to pimp this ride so to speak.

Here’s what I think Seth might say -

So you wanna lose weight? OK….

  1. Stop googling “how to lose weight.”
  2. If anyone tells you exercising is the key to weight loss…start running (away) immediately.
  3. Getting lean is like getting rich….the best way to do it is slowly!
  4. Sex sells. So does low fat food. Don’t buy either.
  5. Listen to your body – yes, really. Bread is a whoopee cushion (the purple cow??)
  6. Get curious. Learn about food.
  7. Amaze yourself…keep an honest food diary.

Is good health really any more complex than my guess at Seth Godin’s 7 steps to weight loss?



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